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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Covers New and Old

Sienkiewicz is doing a variant cover for X-Force #10?? :)

New Mutants covers
Even More New Mutants covers
A video of -- yes -- New Mutants covers
X-Factor covers
Excalibur covers
New Mutants (v2) covers
X-Factor (2005) covers


From the Games page on the old site:

Classic Rahne Dressup
Badlands - rough minigame based on New Mutants #20
Which Original New Mutant Are You? - hosted at Quizilla. Taken by thousands!
Wolfsbane's Marvel Super Dice stats

Link Roundup

From the Fan Sites page of the former site, before switching to Blogger:

Call of De Wild - a Wolfsbane LiveJournal Community.

The New Mutants - a NM LiveJournal Community.

RahneList - Yahoo Group for email discussion of Rahne. Active since 1999.

A Toca da Loba - a Portugese site with a lot of wallpapers.

Muir Isle - This guy deserves credit, just because his site hasn't been updated since 1998, yet it's still live. This might have been the very first Rahne fansite. I met several people via his guestbook. 8)

The Rahne & Dani Page - Were Rahne and Dani originally written as blossoming lesbians? This guy thinks so, and makes a pretty good case for it.

Rahne has been given an in-depth profile at UncannyXMen.net.

There are TONS of sites out there with pages for Rahne, nearly all of which consist of a Profile, gaming stats, and an image or two. If your site is more than that, send a link and it'll be added here if possible.

The Biggest Rahne Fan Ever

When Ian Welch first sent me pix of his custom Wolfsbane figure, I was impressed:

But then he sent pix of his daughter in her Halloween costume:

That's Rahne Welch. HE NAMED HIS DAUGHTER RAHNE. Now that is a fan!

2 More from Ken Roeder

FanArt - Miguel Yanke

Neat stuff by Miguel Yanke in Spain.


Thanks Miguel.

Costume - Dani Fryling

I knew that if I waited long enough, there'd be someone in a Wolfsbane costume for Halloween. Thanks for sharing, Dani.

FanArt - Andy Ayres

Two nice ones from Andy Ayres. I like the green one.

FanArt - The Inexhaustible Ken Roeder

Ken sends me fanart all the time. You can see everything he's submitted to Rahne-Sinclair.com right here.

FanArt - The Incomparable César Hernández

César's style of manga/DragonQuest-y characters and elegant use of line always make for a pleasant piece of work. See more of his work on DeviantArt or view all his Rahne fanart from before the site moved to Blogger.

Wolfsbane Logo

Wolfsbane, Rahne's codename, is taken from the plant of the same name.

Wolfsbane: Any of several poisonous perennial herbs of the genus Aconitum, especially A. lycoctonum, native to northern Europe, having broad rounded leaves, elongate racemes, and light purple flowers." The plant was used by ancient Europeans to poison wolves. If ingested, it can be fatal. It used to always bug me that they could not have come up with anything more appropriate than that. It's not unlike giving Peter Parker the codename D-Con or Raid...or Arachnicide.

The Wolfsbane logo has only appeared in one comic: Marvel Presents #22.

How do you pronounce her name?

There has always been some confusion about Rahne's name. Most of us have misspelled it. Some of us don't know how to pronounce it. Well finally, here is the last word on Rahne's name.

Rahne is pronounced like "rain," as in the liquid that falls from the sky. Not like Ronnie or Renee or anything else. This was confirmed in an editor's response in Report Card, the letters page of the original New Mutants comic. No other proof is needed, but there is an abundance of it. Also, Havok once asked Polaris what she thought of Rahne, to which she replied, "It makes the grass grow." Lastly, in X-Factor #87, Rahne dreams of Rahne's World, Rain Man and Rahne and Simpy. The puns don't work if her name is pronounced any other way.

If this is not enough to persuade you, Google "rahne" + "pronounced like" and see how many results you get.

So why is it spelled that way? No other English word spelled with an a-h sounds like a long A. But remember, Rahne is Scots. Her name must be pronounced the same way it would be pronounced in her home country. Even if Kitty got it wrong in an episode of X-Men: Evolution once (Retreat was the name of the episode, for you fanatics).

And remember, it's r-A-H-n-e, not r-H-A-n-e. The RAH at the front makes us think it must be pronounced like Ronnie, but that is incorrect. Another reason for the confusion is that there is a name spelled r-h-a-n-e and can be pronounced several different ways. However, it is masculine and Irish, and Rahne is neither. Just pretend that the H is an I and you will never spell (or pronounce) Rahne improperly again.

Sinclair is a surname, or clan name as it is called in Scotland, with a rich history dating back over a thousand years. Many families with various names belong to the clan. It is assumed that Rahne inherited the Sinclair name from her mother, whom she never met. Appropriately for Rahne, the Sinclair motto is "Commit Thy Work To God."

Who is Rahne (Wolfsbane) Sinclair?

Rahne Sinclair is a Marvel Comics character. Her debut was in the 1982 graphic novel, New Mutants. She has been on more X-teams than any other character, including Cyclops and Wolverine. She was created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod.

Rahne's history and profile are given in great detail at:

Below is the text that accompanied Bill Sienkiewicz's pinup of Rahne in the back of New Mutants #22, way back in 1984.

Comments from Prof. Xavier's Journal:
Rahne Sinclair - Wolfsbane. A specific metamorph able to transform from human to wolf... with a transitional incarnation roughly halfway between the two.

She was the first New Mutant. Indeed, it was in great measure because of her that I decided to gather this class of novice students.

By far the youngest... in temperment, if not in actual age. She is an orphan, whose unusually strict and conservative upbringing has left her painfully shy and insecure. It hasn't been easy for her to adjust, not only to the manifestation of her mutant abilities, but as well to the environment in which she now lives.

She has so much potential, both as a mutant and a person... I must find a way to help her realize it. More and more these days, however, she takes refuge in her lupine form. The world is much simpler to her then. There are no ambiguities or confusion. She is starting to like that life more than being human.