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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Link Roundup

From the Fan Sites page of the former site, before switching to Blogger:

Call of De Wild - a Wolfsbane LiveJournal Community.

The New Mutants - a NM LiveJournal Community.

RahneList - Yahoo Group for email discussion of Rahne. Active since 1999.

A Toca da Loba - a Portugese site with a lot of wallpapers.

Muir Isle - This guy deserves credit, just because his site hasn't been updated since 1998, yet it's still live. This might have been the very first Rahne fansite. I met several people via his guestbook. 8)

The Rahne & Dani Page - Were Rahne and Dani originally written as blossoming lesbians? This guy thinks so, and makes a pretty good case for it.

Rahne has been given an in-depth profile at UncannyXMen.net.

There are TONS of sites out there with pages for Rahne, nearly all of which consist of a Profile, gaming stats, and an image or two. If your site is more than that, send a link and it'll be added here if possible.

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