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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Time Has Come.

Twenty-seven years ago Rahne made her debut. Despite great exposure and being developed by some of the industry's finest creators, recent underuse, baffling exclusion, and gloomy solicits make twenty-eight seem less and less likely.

It is up to the fans to keep Wolfsbane alive.
Wolfsbane FanArt Free-for-All

I am calling upon anyone who ever liked Rahne and has a smidgeon of creativity or artistic talent to take a wee bit of time and produce something. Yes, it is time for the 2009 Wolfsbane FanArt Free-for-All, and who knows, this could be the last one while she is still an active character in the Marvel Universe. Be it a napkin sketch or a modified sticker, I challenge you to swamp me with Rahne FanArt.

Pencil, ink, color, crayon, lipstick, stick in the dirt, chia pet, Chick tract, chick flick, flak jacket, cosplay, Flash, ANYTHING GOES. Unfinished is absolutely fine. You like glitter glue? Use glitter glue. Manga zombie rap cowgirl Rahne sound sensible to you? Send it in. You perceive no redundancy at all in word pairings like "Dark Wolverine?" Design a logo for "Wolfy Wolfsbane." No habla Ingles? Lupina es bueno, mi corazones. Quality is great, but the time is right for quantity. This is the time to swallow your pride and show us your work even if it is still in progress!

Everyone's a winner, except for artists who send nothing! If you send it, I will post it, period.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea! I can not draw to save my own life but I was curious if you have received any submissions yet?

RahneFan said...

Yes, several, last I checked. It doesn't have to be a drawing actually. Anything creative I guess. Use your imagination!

Arkonbey said...

I was just now thinking of Rahne's exclusion. I am really curious as to why. It's not like it was a TV show and the actress that played her couldn't be double-booked and they didn't want to do a Becky Conner.

Does anybody know the reason?

RahneFan said...

I'm sure someone does but nobody I know. The official reason is that she's already being used in X-Force. Like Wolverine, who is in how many titles right now?