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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Snipped from the solicit for X-Force #13: "Meanwhile, Wolfsbane is still dealing with the return of (character censored by Marvel),"

Magik's return is hardly a secret anymore is it? Unless it's Hrimhari, which is also not a secret.


Uncanny R-Man said...
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Uncanny R-Man said...

It's likely that Rahne is dealing with the return of Hrimhari. I doubt Magik's rturn would be high on her list of priorities.

Don't know why it's such a secret though.

Anonymous said...

As far as anyone knows its Hrimhari seeing as she chased him into the woods in one of the last comics.

Callsign: White Tiger said...

I found this on ign.com

RahneFan said...

Yeah, I saw the same at Comics Continuum. One of you let me know if there's something I shouldn't miss, please? I hope they don't plan on excluding Rahne from the New Mutants reunion (that's almost too ridiculous a thing to type, ain't it?) just so she can romp around with Hrimhari. Fans have waited 27 years to see if Rahne and Sam might have a shot once they were both full grown...if this isn't the right time to revisit that and a lot of other old themes, man I just don't get it.