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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Uncertainty Confirmed or Something :\

Via comicbookresources:

Marvel Editor Nick Lowe responds to fan emails.

Once Wolfsbane resolves her problems over in “X-Force,” will she ever show up in the new “New Mutants” series?
Zeb and I really love Wolfsbane, so I hope she gets her problems resolved soon. But, knowing Chris and Craig, I just hope she’s alive when they’re done with her.


RahneFan said...

I haven't bought anything in a while, and I noticed that Wolfsbane was NOT among the page-1 hall of heads in the preview of X-Force #14. Was she even in the book? Maybe making puppies with Hrimmerhairy? Or not? If not, it's even more douched up to keep her while the other muties reunite. The Rahneless wraparound cover for NM Saga is just wrong. This whole thing is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

I really got to say they better not kill her in X-Force. NM without Rahne is going to be very odd. I understand that they had most of the NM lose there powers in M-Day but still I will be reading and ready to fire off a huge hate mail if they try anything stupid.