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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Future's Uncertain and the End is Always Near

Disney has bought Marvel for 4 billion dollars.


Man, had I known...had I only known that they were selling...I'd've offered like three -- no, FOUR hundred dollars for Rahne.


Yanke said...

XD! And What 'd you like to do with her?... a low cost movie?! At least, Disney love pets and lil' animals, maybe he'll make a New Mutants movie with Rahne as main character ^¬^

RahneFan said...

I'd settle for a good comic...one more than just gore and gloom, that builds upon the character growth established by Warren Ellis and Peter David.

But the forecast is not good. I can think of only one good reason not to have included her in the New Mutants relaunch...