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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Nrama: There are quite a few mutants being brought into the mix here; are there any foreseeable casualties? If so, did you guys have to draw straws to see who had to severely injure or kill of a cast member?

Yost: Oh, there's plenty of death and misery to go around. Craig and I are sharers. But X-Force isn't getting out of this unscathed, that's for certain. Wolfsbane may be rejoining the team at a really, really bad time.

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Ritter said...

You guys probably already know this, so it's not a big reveal, but just putting this out there.. New Mutants 7, Doug Ramsey is back, AND Catseye is on the cover. And in X-Force 23 "Wolfsbane struggles to survive a very different threat." If they don't have Wolfsbane cross paths with Ramsey and Catseye I'm going to be very, very angry. I just hope it doesn't lead to her death or something. Like, they somehow bring Ramsey back, but killer her off. Ug, that sounds like something they would do.

RahneFan said...

That sounds EXACTLY like something they'd do.